Holy Trinity Anglican Catholic Church, Lafayette Louisiana
About Our Congregation
Important people at Holy Trinity:

James Odom, Deacon
Primary Officiant

Valanne MacGyvers, Ph. D.  Senior Warden, Web Master, Music Minister

Patrick J. Briney, J.D.
Lay Reader
Junior Warden and Treasurer

    We are a small congregation of devout Christians. Our services are traditional, but meaningful. We enjoy celebrating the small moments, and have special liturgies, or prayer services for many of the important days in the year, such as Mother's Day and Father's Day.

    After our Sunday morning services, we gather for coffee and cookies and Christian conversation. We discuss our responses to the lessons read in the service that day and how to make those lessons manifest in our lives. We plan and carryout ministry activities and we plan activities to take care of our own.

    We are a member of the Diocese of New Orleans of the Anglican Catholic Church, and as such, we support our sister missionary diocese in the Philippines. We pray for that mission work corporately at every service. Twice a year, we do an in-gathering to raise money for that mission work.

    As is common in our denomination, almost all of us have regular full-time jobs that limit our ability to be full-time ministers. Those of us who are not working full time, are often retired and limited in our mobility.

Our Prayer Ministries

Mission to the Philippines

Praying for our community. Our city is located where the star is.
Mission in our community:
We elected to adopt the Faith House as our outreach mission this year. We work with the volunteers to identify their most urgent needs and seek to provide for those needs. In General, we collect paper towels, disposable tableware (plates, bowls, cups, forks, etc), and food staples. and provide those to the collection site at the Bridge Storage facility.

Their needs are listed on their website at http://faithhouseacadiana.com/donate

If you wish to donate, you may contact us for more information or to have us assist you in getting your donation to Faith House.

Ministry at The Blake, Assisted Living Facility

On Good Friday, 2016, we were approached by the Administrative Staff of the Blake. They invited us to consider having services in their chapel and to start a Bible Study. Since we had been impressed with the need to begin a ministry there, we were overjoyed to open the relationship. 

We now go to their Chapel on the Second Sunday to hold Morning Prayer. And every Friday, we hold a Bible Study.