Holy Trinity Anglican Catholic Church, Lafayette Louisiana
   About Our Worship Services
We have regular worship services on Sunday Mornings at 8:00 AM. 

    We follow the liturgical church year, as set forth in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. The specific service for each Sunday are on our News and Events page, listed by date.

    On the first Sunday of each month, we have Holy Communion and we say the Decalog. The Decalog is a recitation of and re-dedication to the the Ten Commandments from the Book of Exodus in the Old Testament.

   On the second Sunday of each month, we have Morning Prayer. Morning prayer is a service of worship with an emphasis on the Worship and Acclamation of God. In addition to the lessons, several Psalms and other poetic passages are read aloud to celebrate the Holiness of God.  We hold this service at The Blake, located at 400 Polly Lane, about 2 miles from our church.

    On the third and fourth Sundays of each month we have Holy Communion, in its standard form.

    On the fifth Sunday of the month, when such occurs, we are visited by our Bishop, the Archbishop Terry Lowe and his wife. We have a Holy Communion Service and ABp. Lowe will hear confessions and provide absolution. He is also available for pastoral counseling, but an appointment for that helps to plan his visits. Contact the church to arrange for an appointment.  Fifth Sundays are also typically days we have a community luncheon.

    Whenever appropriate, we add in special liturgies or prayers for particular concerns.

     We maintain an active prayer list to meet the concerns of those we encounter in life. If we can pray for you, please contact us. We do not need to have the details of your life to pray for you, if all you want to share with us is your name, we will lift you up. We know God knows your need, and are happy to leave it in His hands when we lift you in prayer.

Below are links to our sermons.